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Adler 30-70 & Singer 29-4 Shoe Patch Machines

I recently added two more pieces of equipment to my growing arsenal of industrial sewing machines.  The top sewer is an Adler model 30-70.  It’s the largest of the long-armed Adler machines and is commonly used to repair luggage, shoes/boots, and hockey equipment.  It has a top fed walking foot that can rotate 360 degrees, enabling the sewer to get into very tight spots without having to shift a cumbersome work piece.  The Adler is German-made and has a heavy cast iron hand wheel for precise manual stitching.  This machine is also belt driven via a clutch motor with a foot feed.

The next sewer is a 1905 Singer model 29-4.  It’s designed to do exactly what the Adler does.  I marvel at how little the engineering differs between the two sewers considering they were made approximately 75 years apart.  The Singer was given to me by a boot maker who had acquired the machine years ago for $15.00 from a fur trapper who used it to mend pelts.  The Singer was coated in dust and grim, but I had a great time cleaning it up and it runs like a top now.  Sadly, it will be relegated to a display piece because the Adler’s long arm makes it a much more versatile machine.

Both machines are fascinating to watch run and a great time to sew with.

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22 responses to “Adler 30-70 & Singer 29-4 Shoe Patch Machines”

  1. Eric says:

    Impressed by this article. I live in Japan but will be relocating to Kenya early next year. We are currently preparing to start a small factory to make shoes, bags and some production line on cloths. Am therefore interested in acquiring some sewing machines. Can you advice me on how I could acquire them.


  2. Chris Hughes says:

    I’ve had success finding my machines for fair prices on Craigslist and auctions.

  3. Robert Trobaugh says:

    What do you want for the Adler machine and where are you located?

  4. Chris Hughes says:


    I did not realize my Adler shoepatcher was for sale. I’m in Omaha, NE and I am receptive to offers, so shoot me an email if you are seriously interested.


    Chris Hughes

  5. john lyman says:

    do you know where I can get a parts and operation manual for the 30-70

    I just got one but now cannot get the hook to engage the needle thread

  6. Chris Hughes says:


    1. I just emailed you a .pdf of the Adler 30-70 manual

    2. Make sure you are using the correct needle. If it is not long enough, it will not catch the bobbin thread.


    Chris Hughes

  7. Mahmood says:

    Hi hear how much is it the adler thank you

  8. Chris Hughes says:


    The Adler is not for sale.


    Chris Hughes

  9. Erin says:

    Hi I work on repairs at a vintage shop and am trying to fix up our adler. Could you send me a pdf of the manual too? I can’t seem to find it anywhere…Thanks!

  10. Chris Hughes says:

    Manual sent!


  11. Michelle says:


    I have a few Adler sewing machines in my basement that belonged to my grandfather that I would like to sell. Any idea how I would find out roughly what they are worth? One is a Adler 20-2, another is a Singer 7-29 and I believe the other is an Adler 30-70.


  12. Chris Hughes says:


    The models you mentioned commonly appear on ebay. I would check completed auctions to get an idea of fair market value.


  13. Snowcap says:

    I have an Adler 30-70. Manuals are non-existant. Could I impose upon you to send me one?
    Thanks so much!


  14. Ingvar Matthíasson says:

    Hi Chris.
    It is great to find someone that has the manual for the
    Adler 030-70.
    I seem to have a similar problem to john lyman with the needle and hook problem. I will check the length of the needle.
    I live in Iceland and have not been able to find any info for
    my machine here. Therefor I would be very glad if you could send me the .pdf manual.

    Thanks in advance
    Ingvar Matthíasson

  15. Lynn says:

    Hi – I’m researching shoe patch machines and since you said in your post that this is the largest of the long-arm Adlers, I’m just curious how long the arm is.

  16. Chris Hughes says:


    The arm measures 18 3/4 inches.


  17. Eli says:

    Could I get a copy of the manual, please?

  18. bryan hooey says:

    Chris-I just aquired an old adler very similar to your 30-70 on a cast iron tredle stand. It looks like it could be a little older than your machine. I would appreciate geting an email manual if possible. Thanks Bryan

  19. Tim Allen says:

    Chris, you seem to be the only one with a manual for the Adler 30-70 that is not in German. Could you send me a copy also?

    Tim Allen

  20. Tracey says:


    Also in search of the Alder 30-70 manual. Would be much appreciated!


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